5-6 week turn around on custom sheath built orders only, as of 8/11/2022.... New Knife with sheath orders go straight to the front!  Ready to ship sheaths and accessories for them are finished in about a week.


If you are looking for excellent customer service, Sorry this isn’t the place.

First off my name is Kent. I am a US Army Vet, ex security with extensive construction experience. I have been making Kydex products for over 10 years now. Some of the things I sell in this store are New and Used Knives, Custom made Kydex sheaths (made and ready to ship), Custom Built Kydex Sheaths (made to order, see Kydex page for more info),  New and Used Factory Sheaths, Survival Products etc...

I am a knife dealer of sorts (about 10% of my time) I buy from a huge wholesaler, so I can order you a new knife and build you a custom sheath to your new knife. This is hands down the best way to get the smoothest rig possible.. For MSRP i can usually give a free Black taco style sheath. You can upgrade from there. Sometimes and i can add more for free sometimes, I can’t even do the sheath it just depends on the knife and price.. 

I’m getting in a few pocketknives see pocketknife category. Most of what i get will be in the super steel area. (D2, S30V, S35V)

I try to break everything down into the categories  you see listed.

I have different survival items in the Emergency Fire (Ferrocium Rod) and Survival kits category, Emergency Whistle category  ...

One of the limitations of my store is it will allow you to backorder an item but it doesn’t inform you that it is backordered or how long it will take to receive the item.  I always follow up with an email when i see this..

To order a Custom Kydex Sheath please read the Custom Kydex Sheath Info Button at top.