5-6 week turn around on custom sheath built orders only, as of 8/11/2022.... New Knife with sheath orders go straight to the front!  Ready to ship sheaths and accessories for them are finished in about a week.

The absolute best way to get kydex is to have it made to the exact knife going in the sheath. I have a lot of new and used knives for sale ready for a sheath. I have zero buying power so i am NOT the least expensive guy out there.

Kydex will leave rub marks on your blade! DO NOT order if  this is a problem!!

I now have a Custom Kydex Sheaths Finished and Ready to Ship Catagory for you guys with no patience. These are limited to what i have in stock.

I am a one man show here and I wear all the hats. I do everything from taking photos and listing on ebay to ordering all my knives and supplies to sweeping the place out. The only hat that makes any money is the manufacturing one which I need to spend most of my time on. So I am not a salesperson and spend almost no time under that hat. I will and do answer emails, I do not answer my phone. 

My customer service is almost nonexistent! I do not give status updates, I send photos when finished....

I would rather you research what it is you want and are looking for on you tube and the internet than ask me but I will answer all questions. Please don’t assume something, i want you to get the sheath you want, so ask questions... I do have photos on instagram (7rattlesbushcraft2). Most explain what all is on them....

I of coarse love my products!!! I am sure they are not for everyone though.

I have different survival items in the Emergency Fire and Survival kits category and Emergency Whistle category 

Whenever possible PUSH the sheath off your knife with your thumb. This goes for most Kydex sheaths. I almost always form a thumb ramp on my taco style sheaths (if knife model allows) and I usually grind a ramp on the pancake style sheath.

Taco Style: 1 piece of Kydex folded with 1 row of eyelets...

Pancake Style: 2 pieces of Kydex and 2 rows of eyelets...

Bushcraft Style: This sheath has a built in D-ring. It can be Taco or Pancake Style, i decide on the knife model and which style i think will work best. Buyer can request taco or pancake but it may not work very smoothly.

Belt Attachments:

The least expensive way to attach one of my sheaths to a belt is a Tek Lok. If you carry your knife in the scout or modified scout position, you’re done! If not and you want to carry in the vertical position the knife will ride HIGH on your belt. If you place the bottom of your knife handle on top of your belt that is how high it will ride. Some people do not mind this and some do. For those that do, you will want to drop the knife in some way. 

 I do sell some attachments for this but they have their pluses and minuses.. For the Dangler, Dropped Kydex Piece with Tek Lok and Baldric Carry Attachments, I take a lot of the retention out of the sheath so you don't feel like you’re tearing it off your belt and can pull your knife with one hand, hopefully!

You can look around at you tube and other places to research how other people build there own belt loops... 


Most of the time I use 2 holes only for Tek Lok mounting. It gives you 3 positions to carry, Vertical, Scout and Modified Scout....

I have found that the hardware sent with most Tek Loks is not sufficient to mount to some sheaths.   I have hard plastic spacers and different size rubber spacers so I don’t bind the sheath and make the retention to hard. If your retention is too loose binding the Tek Lok on the sheath can help..


I do not list the colors i have its just too much to keep up with. Plus Kydex is coming out with new colors all the time. There are some links below and those are the suppliers i use. I do not have all the colors and patterns but i do have a lot of them. So choose a couple of them in the order you like them and let me know in the remarks option. If you can wait i will order what you want...

I NO longer use Index Theromplastics (Now I actually get what i order).



When you order a sheath from me I will more than likely have to ask a few questions. I use email for those.

Please use the remarks option when ordering to tell me your color selection, if you need extreme retention, or anything else you think i should know.

How I do my Kydex:

My sheaths are nothing like factory sheaths. They are built to the knife and are tight!!!!

I use my knife model for my sheaths not a built form. I put either 3 or 4 layers of tape on the knife depending on style to help protect your knives finish.  It does not always work so expect some kind of Kydex rub. My first concern is good retention so you don't lose your knife. Second would be a smooth pull. I don’t use spacers when i form my sheaths, i like the look of the blade coming thru the kydex.  The penalty i pay for that is i have to hand fit every single sheath with a heat gun.  I probably put more work into my sheaths than anybody else does but i like the results..

I do not do drain holes. If you depend on a hole to keep your knife from rusting you will be disappointed. Almost any one can drill a hole in a piece of plastic so if you have to have a drain hole, drill one! The Kydex seams and eyelets  are not sealed. The edges are buffed to look seamless but may open up to a slight crack.

Its your sheath if you need a hole in it just drill one.  I wouldn't drill above the top eyelet unless you are looking to lock your knife in.