ANZA Knives One Off By JOE Knife Blue Handle

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Listing is for a brand new Makers choice knife by Joe (so only 1 of these made)   comes with Anza leather belt sheath.

You have the option to buy one of my custom Kydex sheaths for this knife. You can choose any in stock color and taco or pancake style. Let me know in the remarks option.

The knife is  8-5/8" Overall  with a 4-1/4"  blade that is 1-1/8" at widest point and is 3/16" in thickness. A really, really nice looking knife! Nice handle contour feels great in my hand.

All kydex holsters and sheaths are handcrafted to imperfection by me, a U.S. army Vet. They're hand sanded and formed one at a time. No two are the same, I take individual photos of each item so you get what is in the picture. I use polyurethane washers on all my hardware!

This is the absolute best way to buy Kydex, built to the exact knife. Most knives are hand ground and sharpened which means they are not exactly alike. Kydex forms to the knife so if you get a knife that's a little bigger than the knife I used to form with there can be fit issues which can be fixed with a heat gun or hair dryer.