AR 15 Magpul PMag Carrier Build

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Listing is for you to build ONE of my Pmag carriers. You pick either left side carry ( bullets forward) or right side carry (bullets forward).

You pick belt loops 1-1/2" or 1-3/4" or 2"....

I make these carriers from .060 black Kydex. The Pmag locks in with that Kydex click and has a pretty smooth pull. I contour these to the body for a minimalist look. If you want one in a solid color (front piece only) add $3 or pattern add $6 and a few days to make it. 

All products are handcrafted to imperfection by me a US Army Vet no two are the same so I do take individual photos of each item so you get what's in the photos. My products are not perfect but I do try. I set my retention on the stiff side so you don't lose your knife. Retention and fit can be adjusted with a heat gun or hair dryer but I do not suggest doing it. If you can't live with what you have please contact me and I will help you through it.