Battle Horse Knives BHK S30V Frontier Valley Knife Leather Sheath Black Handles Free Hexcam Kydex Sheath

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Brand new S30V knife I had made with my 7RB stamped on it. Comes with free Hexcam Kydex sheath and BHK Leather Sheath..

The sheaths eyelets are set for a small Tek Lok.

Frontier Valley

1/8" S30V tool steel
Over all length 6 5/8"
Cutting edge 2 5/8"

The Frontier Valley is an excellent hunting knife. It was designed for field dressing and skinning game. If you hold the knife in your hand and extend your index finger to the tip of the blade it gives you ultimate control to prevent slipping and cutting where you didn't want to. If you flip it over for field dressing, you have a nice thumb ramp giving you control when field dressing

CPM S30V is considered a premium grade knife steel. It is so expensive that it strongly affects the price of the knife, and is largely used in higher-end production and custom knives. Buck Knives calls it "the absolute best blade steel available". Joe Talmadge claims it might be the ultimate high-end all-around stainless steel, due to high performance coupled with easier machinability and sharpen ability than the other steels in this class.

CPM S30V is a martensitic (hardened) powder-made (sintered) wear and corrosion resistant stainless steel developed by Dick Barber of Crucible Industries in collaboration with knifemaker Chris Reeve.[1][2] Its chemistry promotes the formation and even distribution of vanadium carbides, which are harder and more effective at cutting than chromium carbides.[1] These vanadium carbides give the steel a very refined grain, further improving the sharpness and toughness.[3] Despite some difficulties with a consistent heat-treat, knifemakers use CPM S30V because its composition makes it easier to grind than other powder steels although the carbides still wear down the grinder belts considerably.[4] Its composition is as follows: Carbon 1.45%, Chromium 14.00%, Vanadium 4.00%, Molybdenum 2.00%.[1] Barber received feedback from a number of other knife users and knifemakers such as Sal Glesser, Ernest Emerson, Tony Marfione, Phil Wilson, William Harsey Jr., Tom Mayo, Jerry Hossom, and Paul Bos in the development of CPM S30V.