MMHW Custom Black Jack 10" Bowie with Kydex Sheath Free O1 Back Up Baby Necker

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In the options you have the choice of No Sheath $0 (comes with MMHW sheath) As in Photo $50 (My custom sheath in photo.)

Up for sale is a brand new MMHW Black Jack Bowie knife the factory Kydex sheath.

I'm very impressed with MMHW Knives, made in the USA by some super friendly people out of some great materials. You could use these knives as a railroad spike if necessary ! Pound in with a sledge hammer, pull it up when finished lol! I have a few more of their models and 1 axe but am planing on placing another order soon.

I made this taco style sheath from .080 Black Kydex. The eyelets are set for a large tek lok and one is included. I mounted this tek lok on a dropped Kydex piece in the vertical position. The tek lok can be remounted directly onto the sheath in the vertical or horizontal position as a well as left or right hand. Knife has great retention with a smooth pull.  Sheath has a 7rattlesbushcraft Paracord tie for luck and the knife has a lanyard.

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The knife is 17 inches long with a 10" inch blade. It is 2-1/4" inches wide. Made of  1/4" inch thick 5160 high carbon tool steel. Wide hollow grind, differentially hardened, and then parkerized for protection against corrosion. Handles are of black phenolic held to the tang with epoxy resin and 2 steel friction roll pins.  Exposed 'skull-crusher' pommel with ΒΌ inch lanyard hole. Two-piece kydex sheath with brass grommets and belt loop. Built for powerful penetration and MMHW sharp!

Tek Lok mounting; make sure you install the rubber washers between the Tek Lok and sheath. The Tek Lok can bind the sheath making the pull harder if you tighten too much or install the Tek Lok improperly.  Most of the time I use 2 holes only on the Tek Lok and every time for modified scout carry! I haven't had one break!

I triple tape the blades of my knives to try to prevent Kydex rub it does not always work and can cause knife rattle. If you are worried about rub marks on your blade Kydex is probably not for you. If you are worried about knife rattle please let me know I can fine tune the sheath before I send it out. Please let me know any concerns you might have with your sheath and I would like to hear back from you on how everything fits. Most knives are hand ground and sharpened so each one is slightly different.

All products are handcrafted to imperfection by me a US Army Vet no two are the same so I do take individual photos of each item so you get what's in the photos. My products are not perfect but I do try. I set my retention on the stiff side so you don't lose your knife. Retention and fit can be adjusted with a heat gun or hair dryer but I do not suggest doing it. If you can't live with what you have please contact me and I will help you through it.

We are TOPS KNIVES, ESEE KNIVES and ANZA KNIVES newest authorized dealer. All of our brand new knives come with a custom Kydex sheath built to the exact knife. I can order most brands of new knives and make a Kydex sheath for it please ask if interested.