Econo Dangler Belt Loop for My Ready to Ship Sheaths or Replacement for Cold Steel, Becker A lot of Brands

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I personally like this attachment better than any other attachment i make. Unless you need the D-ring for Baldric carry, this econo-dangler is my recommendation.

Looks like the weakest point on these sheaths. I can make these for most sheaths but you will have to provide the info.

The Cold Steel is made of .080 plastic/Kydex? Mine is made from .125 Kydex with a rubberized ballistic nylon loop.

I have a lot of factory sheaths includingBenchmade, Becker, Ka Bar, and Cold Steel not all are listed so pleas ask about your particular factory sheath.

Add a retention strap for $5.. The retention strap does not retain the knife the kydex does that, the strap takes out the flop or sway of the sheath.