Dropped Belt Loop with Snap (for your existing sheath with D-ring)


These are made for a sheath (your sheath) that has a D-ring built into it, mit is a belt loop only....

I make these dropped belt loops from 1" coated webbing with a "Pull The Dot" snap. These will fit a 2-1/4" belt but can be made to custom size.  This is a super tuff and  maintenance free material. This is for the belt loop and snap only! 

Free shipping (refunded) if purchased for a new sheath build. Custom made straps to go, are charged a $3 shipping fee.

This is high-performance coated webbing, commonly used for making custom IWB's and other attachment straps. Coated Webbing has high strength and flexibility which is desirable in these type of mounts.  

Coated Webbing
Width - 1 Inch
Color - Tactical Black
Made in USA