Dropped Kydex Piece with Tek Lok


These are meant for sheaths being ordered...  I can make them for “sheaths ready to ship” but I need a couple of days.

This is my dropped Kydex piece with Tek Lok. The Kydex is .125 and you can get a small or large Tek lok installed.

This is a good setup if you just want to lower the knife a couple of inches otherwise I recommend the Dangler attachment to ride any lower. 

I build these one at a time to the sheath and knife. I try to place everything so it balances the knife. I also take a lot of the retention out of the sheath so you don't feel like you’re tearing it off your belt and can pull your knife with one hand.

If you want one and i am not currently building your sheath you will have to send me the sheath at least.