Landi Knives EDC A2 Knife W/ Kryptek Raid Kydex Sheath

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Very nice little A-2 steel (see below) EDC (every day carry) Knife and one of my custom kydex sheaths with small Tek Lok.  Great little rig for backpacking, hunting, camping etc. 

I made this taco style sheath from .080 Kryptek Raid Kydex. The sheaths eyelets are set for a small Tek Lok (included). The Tek Lok will mount in the vertical, scout and modified scout positions as well as left or right hand pull. Sheath has a 7rattlesbushcraft Fire Cord tie and a paracord lanyard for the knife.

Landi Knives strives to create tools that can be useful to a variety of people. Our knives stand up to hard abuse and will last a lifetime. Our goal is to make high end cutlery accessible to all end users.With this philosophy in mind, Landi Knives are used around the world in every situation where people reach for a knife—bush whacking, camping, hunting, survival, law enforcement, military operations, food prep and many more.

The knife is 7-5/8" overall. 3-1/2” A2 tool steel blade. Full tang. Grey and black G10 handles. Lanyard hole.

A2 Steel - This is very tough steel. However, it has less wear resistance than other tool steels. This steel is often used for custom made combat knives because of its toughness. It has a carbon content range of 0.95-1.05%. This steel does not contain lots of chromium (typically around 5%) and needs to be maintained carefully to avoid rust. It will often be coated on a knife blade to avoid this issue.

All Custom Kydex Products are built to imperfection by me a US Army Vet. My products are not perfect but i do try.