MMHW Brush Baby Knife W/firesteel Kryptek Nomad Kydex Sheath

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The Brush Baby is easily becoming one of my favorite knives!

Listing is for a New MMHW Brush Baby knife and one of my custom sheaths with large Tek Lok. The knife is made of 5160 Alloy which is a higher end knife material (see below). Made in the USA (Arkansas) LIFETIME Guarantee by maker. (see below)

A rugged beautiful knife with fantastic craftsmanship. I think you get an excellent return on your knife buying dollar with MMHW Knives. I'm very happy to sell and work with their products.

This is a collaboration between Ted and me. I sent Ted a photo of a knife I started a while ago but never finished. MMHW brought it to a beautiful finished product.

You have the Bushcraft Baby and the Bush Baby well this is the Brush Baby. Made to go where those Babies won't! This is a down under outback type knife! This Brush Baby has a big brother also, the Brush Bro coming soon!

I made this taco style sheath from .080 Kryptek Nomad Kydex. The eyelets are set for a large tel lok or molle lok. A large tek lok is included. The tek lok can mount in the vertical, scout, or modified scout positions as well as left or right hand pull. The knife has good retention and a  very smooth pull with thumb ramp. I've add a small Emergency fire steel with holder a Paracord lanyard for the knife and a Fire Cord 7rattlesbushcraft tie on the sheath!

To use the fire steel remove screw and pull out of holder. I do recommend you leave it screwed in place and get another one to practice with. I do recommend practice!

To use Fire Cord you must cut it off the sheath and untie. There is approximately 2 feet of Fire Cord in the 7rattlesbushcraft tie. Look for red fuse looking string. Check with manufacturer for the different ways to use their product.

This is an absolutely beautiful but rugged knife that fits this sheath with no rattle.

Overall Length - 8 inches

Blade length - 3-3/4 inches

Blade Width- 1-3/4 inches at widest point

Steel thickness - 3/16 inch

Ted Frizzell, the master Arkansas knife maker behind Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works, has over 35 years experience producing some of the finest handmade working grade knives and custom handmade knives available. He has created well over 6000 knives, 2500 axes, and 600 swords. Ted has become well known for his hardworking big bowies and swords both nationally and internationally.

Over 35 years of development has gone into these knives. All MMHW knives, swords, and axes are made "to order" for hard use with 5160 high carbon steel and are finished with a non-glare, rust-resistant parkerization. Bead blast finish is available upon request. Deep hollow grinds and great geometry make these knives excel at cutting or chopping. Kydex sheaths come standard as right-side vertical carry unless otherwise specified.

MMHW products are guaranteed for life against defects in materials or workmanship. We will repair or replace [at our option] any defective merchandise at no charge. Please contact us via email or phone for return instructions.

All sheaths and holsters are handcrafted to imperfection by me, a US Army Vet. No two are the same nor are they perfect but I do try and care! I take individual photos of each item and you get what's in the photos!

Most knives are hand ground and sharpened so to get the very best fit with Kydex the best option is buy you knife with the sheath made to the exact knife and that is what I do!!


A steel popular with forgers, it is extremely popular now and a very high-end steel. It is essentially simple spring steel with chromium added for hardenability. It has good edge holding, but is known especially for its outstanding toughness. Often used for swords (hardened in the low 50s Rc) because of its toughness, and is also used for hard use knives (hardened up near the 60s Rc).
Carbon-0.56-0.64%, Manganese-0.75-1.00%, Chromium-0.70-0.90%