MMHW Bug Out 5160 Kukri w/ Custom Kydex

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New “Bug Out Bag Kukri” from Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works made from 5160 (see below).

This sheath has a very stiff pull to have decent  retention. Built in D-ring on the back. The eyelets are set for a large Tek Lok (not included).

T he Kukri is 14-3/4” overall with a 9-1/4” blade that is 2-1/2” at its widest point with 1/4” in thickness.

MMHW has been known since it's inception for producing knives and axes with very sharp edges. With the changes we have recently made MMHW has gone one step further beyond 'pedestrian' professional sharpening. Please use with care. Current blades are without a doubt the keenest ever produced by us. Guaranteed.

MMHW is a second generation shop. We offer over 40 years of combined experience producing extreme usage cutlery and full bore field ready tools you can count on. We will make you a custom knife; but, we do not add 'bells and whistles' that only drive the price of the knife or axe up. Function is our byword. If it does not function there is no fun; and, chances are if it isnt fun then it probably doesnt function.

Ted Frizzell, the master Arkansas knife maker who founded Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works in 1981, has produced some of the finest handmade working grade and custom knives available. He has created over 6000 knives, 2500 axes, and 600 swords. Ted has become well known for his hardworking big bowies, axes, and swords both nationally and internationally. Satisfaction guaranteed.


A steel popular with forgers, it is extremely popular now and a very high-end steel. It is essentially simple spring steel with chromium added for hardenability. It has good edge holding, but is known especially for its outstanding toughness. Often used for swords (hardened in the low 50s Rc) because of its toughness, and is also used for hard use knives (hardened up near the 60s Rc).
Carbon-0.56-0.64%, Manganese-0.75-1.00%, Chromium-0.70-0.90%