MMHW Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works Mag Hunter 5160 Knife w/ Custom Digital Desert Kydex

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Brand new knife with one of my custom Kydex sheaths. Buyer will receive knife and sheath in photos.

I made this taco style sheath from .080 Digitial Desert  Kydex. The sheaths eyelets are set for a large Tek Lok (not included). The Tek Lok can mount in the vertical, scout and modified scout positions as well as left or right hand pull. Not a bunch of retention, no Kydex click but fits snug. Sheath is tight to blade so expect some kydex rub on the blade.

From MMHW;

If you are interested in survival equipment you are at the right site. MMHW blades are survivors! After 40 years in the business and 14,000 plus blades out the door we have many many MMHW blades in the hands of second generation owners, not to mention those in 3rd generation owners. MMHW, built for generations of use!

Ted Frizzell, the master Arkansas knife maker behind Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works, has over 35 years experience producing some of the finest handmade working grade knives and custom handmade knives available. He has created well over 6000 knives, 2500 axes, and 600 swords. Ted has become well known for his hardworking big bowies and swords both nationally and internationally. Satisfaction guaranteed. 


5160: A carbon steel with the addition of a small amount of chromium to produce a high toughness, but not enough to call this alloy "stainless." Contains less carbon than the most popular carbon steels (between 0.56% and 0.64%, as opposed to the 0.95% in 1095). This steel is known for its outstanding toughness.