Survivor HK-753 Emergency Harpoon with Kydex Sheath

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Listing is for one 6" stainless steel Survivor Harpoon.

I would rather tie one of these to a stick instead of my knife!

I replaced the string that the factory sends on these with 275 lb 5 strand paracord. 

Listing is for ONE customized harpoon with a Kydex sheath. 

I customized this Survivor Harpoon by making it a Kydex sheath and a 5 strand paracord wrap. There is close to 4' of 275 lb. para in handle wrap. I left lots of room if you need to drill a hole to attach the harpoon to your existing knife sheath.

6" Inches Overall

2.72" Stainless Steel Blade

Fixed Blade

All Kydex products are handcrafted to imperfection by me a US Army Vet. My products are not perfect but I do try!!